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"I am happy to have found you on the internet. I missed having the pure cola syrup for digestion."- L.S.,Wilsonville, OR
"Thrilled about the nix'd HFC!" - C.T., Morehead, KY
"Great product. Hard to find cola syrup without high fructose corn syrup. This product is excellent." - K.B., Fulton NY
"This stuff works!"- S.C., Modesto, CA
"Works like a charm. Upset stomach reach for good ole cola syrup rather than the pills or pink stuff." - A.H., Florence, MA
"I was sick as a dog, remembered that Mom used to give me Cola syrup over ice to settle stomach. Works GREAT. Have now bought more and new Slushi/snow cone machine! Great treat, excellent home remedy!"- B.W., Jacksonville, FL
"Great product [Cola Syrup] at a great price!" - D.B., Modesto, CA
"I've used Cola Syrup for nausea since my mom gave it to me as a kid in the 1950's. Now that I am in my late 50's and have developed problems with most medications, this is the only thing I can take for nausea. Since I have chronic migraines, its a real life saver." - C. B., AZ
"This cola syrup is an excellent value and tastes great. It really helps with nausea and I highly recommend it." - Anonymous
"Thank you, had been trying to find this in stores everywhere and no one has it anymore. Thanks again!"- C.G., Ellerbe, NC
"Great for upset stomachs. And also to sweeten up a drink!" - R.M.R., McMurray, PA
"An excellent product for upset stomach or nausea. The price was right for the quantity... a bargain compared to other companies that offer less at a higher price. Over crushed ice it makes a great non-carbonated beverage." - M.G., Long Beach, NY
"Glad this stuff is still available sometimes nothing else works" - H.B., Fort Worth, TX
"A great value for the dollar. Quality as good if not better than that found in local RX stores." - J.R.L., Apple Valley, CA
"I tried cola syrup & it worked instantly for indigestion. The price was great for such a large bottle. I will be buying more & recommending it to others!" - K.K., Appleton, WI
"This (Cola Syrup) is truly an old time remedy. For my daughter-in-law; who is having a bad pregnancy due to having an upset stomach and vomiting, this is the only thing that worked! All the doctors, prescriptions, etc., nothing helped her. I remembered my mom used it 50 yrs ago, and it still works now! Definitely try it, you might be surprised…" - P.F., NEWARK, NJ